About Us


the line: Aych (pronounced “H”) Designs is a funky jewelry line that is designed and handcrafted by the founder Heidi Woerner. This jewelry line specializes in unique and original designs. No piece is alike.

Aych Designs pulls inspiration from the world around us. There are so many vibrant and colorful aspects that we either completely miss or choose not to acknowledge. Heidi creates each piece to bring color and texture to the forefront. Her wish is to bring the things we may miss to something that we are forced to notice and pay attention to.

The heart of Aych Designs is to bring joy to the people who adorn the jewelry. Jewelry is a form of personal expression and there is nothing more important than being proud of who you are and celebrating your uniqueness! 

the designer: Heidi grew up in a house where creativity was celebrated and encouraged. Both Heidi and her sister could and can always be found making or crafting something! Following the path that was naturally placed before her, Heidi attended Stonehill College and graduated with a degree in Studio Arts.  

She has always had a passion for creating and working with her hands and from an early age she was crafting all sorts of items to wear or for decor. Heidi brings fresh and fun ideas to every new creation and project. When Heidi is not working or creating jewelry she can be found traveling (or dreaming of traveling), gardening, reading, enjoying a delicious meal, and spending quality time with her love and her friends. 



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